August 8, 2017

2016 Bond Election
August 8, 2017
Issue 5
 ​Capital Construction Update
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District Breaks Ground on Schools
 Groundbreaking ceremonies for Meadow Ridge Elementary and Hudson Elementary both took place this summer. Large crowds gathered for each event to celebrate these milestones in the construction process. Phase One demolition is complete at Hudson, and foundation work has begun. Site work is underway at Meadow Ridge which can be seen at the corner of Jewel and Fletcher Streets in the Silver Peaks subdivision of Lochbuie

Town of Lochbuie Presents Check to Weld Re-3J


Superintendent Rabenhorst and Board President Haffner were presented a check by the Town of Lochbuie Trustees. The capital construction shortfall fund was created years ago to assist in the building of new schools in Lochbuie and is based on new home permitting. The funds will be allocated to the construction of Meadow Ridge Elementary.


2016 Bond Program Financial Transparency

Construction project budgets are monitored to carefully account for bond funds. Each project is monitored separately and reviewed by the District Accountability Committee. The total budget has now been revised to reflect the addition of the BEST grant awarded for Hudson Elementary. Each project has an allocated budget and is monitored separately. 

Weld Central High School 

 WCHS has seen a number of improvements since the late spring months. All parking lots have been freshly sealcoated and striped. Areas of failing rooftop have been replaced with a high quality roof that comes with a 30 year warranty. The baseball and softball field lighting is nearly complete. The failing brick and windows in the clerestory have been replaced. Safety and security enhancements have also been provisioned with more planned for the summer of 2018.  Of the allocated $3,979,129 budget, 24% of funds have been expended as of August 1, 2017.

Weld Central Middle School

 ​WCMS will see a significant amount of renovation in classrooms and the cafeteria, and this work will occur during the school year and next summer. To date, the water treatment system is complete, boiler replacement is underway, and parking lot sealing has occurred. The current allocated budget is set at $4,959,680, and 6% of funds have been expended as of August 1, 2017

Hudson Elementary

Hudson Elementary will be completely renovated with the majority of the school demolished and rebuilt. The south wing of the school is now gone, site work has been completed, and footings are in place for the classroom addition. The site will be secure for student attendance. The project total is budgeted at $19,274,335 including BEST funding. As of August 1, 2017, 9% of the budged has been expended.    

Hoff Elementary & Lochbuie Elementary

The necessary maintenance projects and the enhancements at Hoff and Lochbuie are very similar given their identical design and similar age. Over the past two months, significant work has been completed on drainage problems in the rear of each school. This and the desire to rid the schoolyards of excess pea gravel resulted in the need for playground renovations. Additionally, each school’s new roof will be finished within the coming weeks. The Hoff ES project budget is set $4,258,424 and the Lochbuie ES budget is set at $3,802,945. As of August 1, 2017, expenditures are at 22% and 24% of the respective budgets. 

District-wide and Other Projects

Water treatment systems will be in place at all schools with the exception of Hudson Elementary at the start of the school year.  Additionally, certain safety and security upgrades will be in place this year. The BluePoint Alert systems have been installed at all schools except Hudson, and will be functional following testing and training early in the school year.  Planning for other major projects, such as the replacement Transportation center, is underway; however, the schools are the priority focus for the district. As previously reported, the funds from the Bond which were approved for Cardinal Community Academy were transferred several months ago. Projects for CCA are not monitored by the District, and updates should be requested directly from CCA administration. 


Inside this issue:

Financial Transparency
WCHS Renovations
WCMS Renovations
Hudson Renovations
Hoff & Lochbuie Renovations
District-Wide & Other Projects

logoBack To School Open Houses

 Each school in the district will be displaying images of their respective renovations. Lochbuie Elementary will also be    displaying information on    Meadow Ridge Elementary. Stop by the display boards and ask questions of board members!

August 15

Hudson ES  5:30 - 7:00
Hoff ES        5:30 - 7:00
Lochbuie     5:30 - 7:00
WCMS         6:00 - 7:30

August 16
WCHS          5:00 - 8:00