District Accountability Committee (DAC)

The District Accountability Committee (DAC) is comprised of members with diverse perspectives who work together to advise the administration and Board of Education on key issues facing the district. The DAC also performs statutory requirements such as providing input on the budget and reviewing improvement plans for Accreditation purposes.


2013-2014 DAC Members

Member Name Membership Category
Frosty Bortz Parent
Jody Nighswonger Parent
Gloria Ramirez Parent
Lynda Smialek Parent
Angie Rhodebeck Community Member
Marcus Diamond Teacher
Toby Karr Administrator
Bob Grand Business/Community Member
Heath Wilson Principal
Greg Rabenhorst Superintendent
April Dowdy CCA Representative, Ex officio
Fred Jensen Board of Education Representative, Ex officio
Lisa Clark Director of Finance, Ex officio
Roxie Bracken Executive Director of Achievement, Ex officio