English Language Development

In Re-3J, as part of our commitment to high expectations, rigorous instruction, and quality teaching, our English Language Acquisition program components include:

  • Identifying and screening students whose dominant language may not be English

  • Assessing and monitoring student’s English language acquisition using the WIDA Access Placement Test (W-APT) and the WIDA ACCESS assessment

  • Providing all students with sheltered instruction opportunities

  • Providing non English proficient (NEP) and limited English proficient (LEP) students with supplemental specialized language instruction programs

Local Education Agencies (LEA’s) are required to provide informed parental notification as to why their child is in need of placement in a specialized language instruction program. Parents have the right to refuse these services at any time.

See links below:

Parent Notification of ELD Services
Notificación a los padres de los servicios de ELD
Parent Refusal of ELD Services

Rechazo de los padres de los Servicios de ELD

All of our ELD programs use curriculum and resources which follow the guidelines outlined by Colorado English Language Proficiency Standards (CELP Standards).

For more information about ELD programming at your student’s school, contact your school’s administrator or ELD Teacher.