Early Intervention/Child Find Ages 0-5

Early Intervention and Child Find Information

Child Find is part of the state of Colorado’s system for identifying children who may have a delay in development. If someone is concerned about a child’s growth or learning, or feel they are not meeting typical developmental milestones, parents or the building level staff may conduct referrals to child find.

Each building in the district has a pre-referral system, which assists parents and teachers in identifying students who may be eligible for special education services.

Child find services are free and available to all children who reside in the district. Weld RE-3J and Weld Re-8 work together in locating, identifying and evaluating the birth to five populations.

Once the building has completed the pre-referral process, in accordance with federal guidelines, the team will make the determination whether the child should be further evaluated. If necessary, the evaluation includes assessments in the areas of cognition, language development social/emotional functioning, physical functioning (including vision and hearing screening), educational achievement and life skills functioning. Parents are an essential component of the multi-disciplinary approach to evaluation. Following assessments, the team will determine whether the child is eligible for special education and related services.

All child find activities conducted in the Weld RE-3J School District are available to all children who reside in the district. These activities include parent input and parent permission given before assessments can begin.

If you have questions about the child find process or if you have a child you wish to refer, please call Lindsay Surbrugg,  at (720) 383-7265 or notify the building team where your child attends.

For more information on Child Find for Children Birth to Age 5 please visit Colorado Department of Education website at https://www.cde.state.co.us/early/childfind.