In the past couple of years, Re 3j has received several funding opportunities through grant writing aimed at benefiting our students in a number of areas.
To date, the district has received over $380,000 in additional funding. This amount does not include additional resources such as curriculum, materials , training, or Professional Learning activities also provided as part of the grants. 
Below is a list of grants most recently obtained and some of the key components.

State Personnel Development Grant for MTSS

Date(s) of Grant:
Amount awarded (to date):
$26,429.67 with additional funds each year
In fall 2016, a MTSS Leadership Team (MLT) was created with a group of passionate PK-12 educators, parent representatives, early childhood experts, special service providers, principals, and district administrators came together for the purpose of intentionally up scaling the way Re 3J provides support for ALL students.
To date, our MLT has invested over 650 additional hours of planning, building, and teaching professional learning modules for colleagues, creating MTSS resources, and exploring high leverage practices for involving parents and families.
For more information, visit our MTSS page under "Departments" and "Support Programs".

Elementary Counselor Corps Grant
Date(s) of Grant: 2017-2018
Amount awarded: $20,000
During the 2017-2018 school year all elementary schools were awarded a total of $20,000 which were used to purchase an abundance of curriculum and resources to support PK-5 students Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Hoff and Hudson Elementary's purchased the programs Brain Wise and Zones of Regulation. Meadow Ridge PK-2 and Lochbuie Elementary purchased Zones of Regulation and additional resources for students who needed intensive instruction and support.
For more information on Social Emotional Learning visit CASEL at

Expelled and At-Risk Student Support Services (EARSS)
Date(s) of Grant:
Amount awarded (total):
Beginning in the fall 2018, Re 3j committed to providing four additional student "Advocates" for students in grades 6-12 who are identified at-risk of dropping out or school failure due to behavior, attendance, and/or grades. All Advocates have experience and education in the area of mental health and social work. The EARSS Grant focuses on five major goals over the course of the next four years.

  1. Parent Capacity to support their EARSS served student will be improved: by 50% in Year 1, 55% in Year 2, 60% in Year 3, and 65% in Year 4. 
  2. Academic Achievement will be measured by an increase in successful course completion with a passing grade: for 20% of EARSS served students in Year 1, 25% of EARSS students in year 2, 30% of EARSS students in Year 3, and 35% of EARSS students in Year 4. 
  3. School attendance will increase for 20% of EARSS served students in year 1, 25% of EARSS students in year 2, 30% of EARSS students in year 3, and 35% of EARSS students in year 4 through intensive case management by Advocates that eliminates barriers and increases the effectiveness and continuity of interventions.
  4. Social Emotional Learning of identified EARSS at-risk students will be measured by their increase in  SEL competencies as a result of participation in targeted SEL programming aligned with the five CASEL “SEL Competencies.”: [1]for 50% of EARSS identified students in Year 1, 55% in Year 2, 60% in Year 3, and 65% in Year 4. 
  5. Behavioral incidents will decrease, as measured by reduction in office referrals for EARSS identified and served students: by 20% in Year 1, 25% in Year 2, 30% in Year 3, and 35% in Year 4.