Elementary ELA Curriculum Materials

Elementary ELA Curriculum Materials Public Display
Posted on 03/28/2021
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Elementary ELA Curriculum Materials Public Display

A committee of teachers and administrators met during the 2020-2021 school year to preview, evaluate, and pilot new English Language Arts (ELA) core curricula for grades K-5. In accordance with Weld Re-3J Administrative Policy I-16 (IJ), the materials outlined here are available digitally for inspection by students, teachers and parents/guardians.

Amplify:  Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA)  K-2 Foundational Skills - Click to preview the CKLA program.

The Skills Strand provides comprehensive instruction in foundational reading skills, such as phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition; language skills, including conventions of English, spelling, and grammar; reading comprehension; and writing instruction.

Great Minds: Wit & Wisdom K-5 Knowledge and Vocabulary (complex texts) - Click here to preview the Wit & Wisdom program.

Wit & Wisdom® was developed by an expert team of teacher–writers. The curriculum features knowledge-building lessons and carefully curated selections of art and books that inspire a passion for reading and writing in students. 

With Wit & Wisdom, students practice reading, writing, speaking and listening, academic vocabulary, and style and conventions in concert to build holistic ELA knowledge.

Subject to approval by the Weld Re-3J Board of Education on April 28, 2021, CKLA and Wit & Wisdom will be implemented in the 2021-2022 school year.