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District Accountability

The Weld Re-3J Board of Education and the district administration strongly believe that open two-way communication is a vital component in allowing for community input and feedback related to important priorities and decisions that reflect the values and desires of the entire district we serve. The District has opportunities for parent and community member involvement both at the district and school level through various committees/groups. Community members are encouraged to participate in their areas of interest. 



Committees and Teams

District Accountability Committee (DAC)

  • Member Name Membership Category
    Matthew Cole Parent
    Amanda Francisco Parent
    Karon VonFeldt Parent
    LeighAnn Winslow Preschool Parent Representative
    Sarah Rhodebeck Teacher
    Justin McMillan Principal
    Jeremy Raskin Business/Community Leader
    Laurie Kuntz Business/Community Leader
    Jennifer Forbes Principal
    Joe Amen Parent with no child (grandparent)
    Anna Smith Parent with no child, Chair
    Michelle Kipp Parent with no child 
    Greg Rabenhorst Superintendent
    Jenny Wakeman Assistant Superintendent, Ex officio
    Jerry Archuleta Cardinal Community Academy Representative, Ex officio
    Hollee Hayes Board of Education Representative, Ex officio
    Lisa Clark Director of Finance, Ex officio

    Date Agenda Minutes
    September 9.7.2022 9.7.2022
    October 10.5.2022 10.5.2002
    January 1.18.2023 1.18.2023
    March 3.1.2023 3.1.2023


  • 2021-2022 

    Date Agenda Minutes
    September  9.9.2021 9.9.2021
    October 10.28.2021 10.28.2021
    December 12.9.2021 12.9.2021
    January 1.27.2022 1.27.2022
    March 3.10.2022 3.10.2022



    Date Agenda Minutes
    November 11.5.2020 11.5.2020
    January 1.14.2021 1.14.2021
    March 3.25.2021 3.25.2021