Gifted & Talented (GT)

The Exceptional Children’s Educational Act (ECEA) requires all school districts in Colorado to identify and serve students between ages five and twenty-one, whose aptitude or competencies are exceptional or developmentally advanced and require special provisions to meet their educational programming needs.

To appropriately identify these students, the district works in compliance with the Colorado Department of Education to implement a specific process which uses both quantitative and qualitative data and a body of evidence to determine eligibility and create Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) for students who qualify.

For information regarding Re-3J programming, processes, and GT resources see below:

Weld Re-3J Gifted and Talented Parent Handbook

Weld Re-3J Gifted and Talented Parent Handbook (Espanol)

  Identification process for underachievers and twice exceptional learners:

1.  NNAT screening (non-verbal assessment) for all 2nd and 6th grade students

2.  Nomination Form including; 12 Nonbiased Traits, positive and Negative manifestations, focus on behaviors/observations, Traits for Hispanic, ELD gifted

3.  Building liaisons have information regarding appropriate testing material, screening data, state and district assessment information and observational forms to make informed decisions about underachieving and twice exceptional students

4.  Information, including appropriate assessments, regarding students that are acquiring English is taken into consideration in the process of determining eligibility

For more information on Gifted and Talented Services in Weld Re-3J, nomination forms (also available in Spanish), identification process or Advanced Learning Plans please contact your school's principal.